Paid Traffic Insights: From the First Date to Marriage


The following blog post was written by Arnaud Sahut, Head of Ad-Networks

Going from meeting someone new on the street to making this person your husband or wife obviously includes an extremely precise, step-by-step relationship building process. You could say the same thing about paid online traffic (although there’s probably less ring and wedding spending).

Know who you want to meet

When you meet someone new, you know they don’t know anything about you, but if you want to pique their interest, you have to know about them. In paid online traffic, we also need to know who we’re targeting and be able to answer two main questions:

1. Which aspect of my product is he/she interested in?
2. What solution will my product bring to this person?

The preliminary step is of course to know if you can interest the person in your product.
(Obviously if you know the person you want to meet prefers black hair and you have blond hair, it’s ok. Pass on them and select one who prefers blond hair. Here’s your chance to get married!)

Once you know the answer to the above 2 questions, you are able to present the right message and pique your target’s interest.

Pique his/her curiosity and interest

To build trust, you have to propose the right offer to the right traffic. You can do this with the following methods:

  • Bid on relevant platforms, GEOs, and keywords based on their interests and what they’re looking for.
    • Obviously if the kind of person you like is a fancy fashion addict, there’s no need to search for her/him in the Crazy Geek Bar of your town. (Although exceptions should exist.)
    • Show an ad text relevant to the promoted offer.
  • Don’t pretend you have blond hair if you have black hair. You will waste your time.
    • It’s important that you not require new traffic to make a specific effort.
    • Propose a ‘’Free type’’ of interesting offer to your target.

NB! The target will rarely deposit money first! We all start the dating process by proposing free coffee/tea anyway, right?

Ok. So your target has clicked and signed up to your free offer. Now the serious stuff can begin!

. . . Proposal time . . .

You have someone interested in you and your offer, it’s time to propose!

  • Email follow-up

Never expect someone you’ve just met to call you back. You need to act yourself to continue building the relationship!

  • Once you’ve built up the trust, you can follow up with your audience.

Here you can expect more effort from the user (who may deposit a small amount of money) by proposing a better standard offer to him/her.

  • Propose

Good news! Your audience has been engaging with you and has deposited a small amount of money in your better, standard offer. Now you just need to show how much you care about them and how special they are in your life. You propose . . . Propose your best profitable offer!

  • Let’s be realistic and look at these 2 cases:
    • 1. He/she has said yes.
      Wow congratulations. I am so happy for you!!!!
      (Thanks for inviting me to the wedding by the way. After all, it’s a little thanks to me . . .)
    • 2. He/she has said maybe/no
      Not a problem. Maybe you have moved too fast through the process.Simply re-target your audience by sending another useful/low-effort offer and continue building the relationship until your audience is ready to accept the final proposal.

What’s your experience with paid online traffic?

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