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Internship – a thing that crosses each students mind at some point. I was also one of those students. But I stressed about it a lot more than a usual student would due to the fact that I had to go to a foreign country and work in some kind of company that I had to find by myself. The country that I had to go to was Estonia – a country I knew had many great companies that offer an internship for students like me. And one of those companies was ViisTek Media.

When ViisTek replied to my internship search I was surprised, intrigued and scared at the same time. I expected that the company will be very judgmental and do not care that much about interns. But during my Skype call with the company members, I got a totally different impression – they were excited to have an intern! Their first intern! Quite a milestone for a company in my eyes.

ViisTek has a modern office in the old town of Tallinn which got me very excited. As it is quite small the atmosphere is cozy and inviting. Everyone is sitting in an open space and this makes everyone cautious of their colleagues, which in my mind is a good thing – everyone respects and does not disturb each other. There is a meeting room with glass walls that scared me at first for some reason but after having many meetings with my coworkers there I got used to it quickly. The kitchen is like a small team space – everyday team members have lunch together and chat for a while. Another bonus of the kitchen is that there are always some snacks, fruits and ice cream for those who get hungry. For me, the whole office had a good and unstressful vibe and having a working space that you enjoy to be in is very important, so I was definitely impressed.

Before I came to my internship I was expecting to get lots of work and be as a person in the office who does tasks that are other people’s trash. I was scared that I will be working over hours and no one would appreciate my work. This is what usually happens in my home country so I was very anxious. When my first day at ViisTek came I was very nervous to meet the team – will they like me? Will I be accepted? The most wonderful surprise was that almost everyone in the office was from foreign countries. That eased my stress a little because now I felt I was not the only one that is not from Estonia. Usually to integrate into a formed team for a new person is quite awkward, but in ViisTek everyone was super nice to me which, I believe, is rare in the 21-century office environment. I was warmly accepted to the team, I did not do other people’s leftover work and I did not have to work over hours. I did things that were mostly small tasks but very important and I helped my colleagues to finish their work more effectively. Everyone was very supportive and wanted me to learn something new. Every day my coworkers asked me how I’m doing, how I’m feeling, how everything is. The experience rendering of my colleagues gave me a lot more new knowledge not only about work but about life decisions and situations. I was very pleasantly surprised by it because I am the first intern in the company; my colleagues were also scared and anxious to meet me as I was to meet them. As a team, we done many fun activities together – went to see a concert, had lunches “on the company”. Every activity brought not only me but every member of the office into team mode.

I was very eager to take from this experience as much as possible and I truly did. I am very thankful that the team was so patient and understanding and that I got the opportunity to be a part of the team. The time I had in ViisTek was truly amazing and I sincerely believe that ViisTek Media will grow and become only better and better as time goes on. Thank you all!

Our team!

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