Delivering the Results: How We Succeed at ViisTek

Viistek FB LogoWhen I first came to ViisTek, it was clear to me that not everyone makes it in this industry, which then begs the question: What does it take to be successful? What kind of person thrives in this environment? Sure, company values and clearly defined business objectives are important, as is who you work with—the collective culture—but ultimately, what I’ve learned is that end game success comes down to (or is built upon) attitude.

Why attitude?

The marketing industry can be the right brand of challenge for the right person: someone willing to run the proverbial extra mile, who can find innovative solutions to unexpected problems and boldly implement new strategies. Mostly, though, this is an industry for people who like to win.

The right attitude will take a personal or company goal and see it through to the end. Attitude falls on the team—on the individual. On me. We all have our own roles at ViisTek, but we’re still working together to achieve the same outcomes. It’s our collaborative effort driving success.

What we believe at ViisTek

When it comes to delivering, we believe that there are two kinds of people: those who explain and those who deliver. Success never starts with excuses and stories. It begins with responsibility—meeting the goals, completing tasks on time, getting the work done.

ViisTek draws clear lines. As the old saying goes: “Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” “Close” doesn’t cut it here. “Almost” isn’t enough. We’ve either achieved our goals or we haven’t, delivered the KPI numbers or we haven’t. Black and white thinking may seem like a strict policy, but if we all thought the gray area was sufficient, we’d only ever do “just enough”—and that’s not enough. Gray area is the unfinished. And the unfinished is not delivery.

In conclusion . . .

The marketing industry is competitive. It allows for creativity and analysis. It’s a challenge. But it’s also defined by the way we as individuals handle our tasks and push the team towards success. We know the numbers matter and that our contributions affect everyone else. But it’s knowing this—and understanding the importance of the way we approach our goals and their subsequent delivery—that pushes the company further on the road to long-term high performance.

What defines company success for you?

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